The skim

The skim remains controversial.  Crema has always been viewed as the best indicator of a good shot of espresso.  I would encourage one to view a blog post from the coffee collective:

James Hoffman gives a wealth of information as well, so check out his blog too:

I’m definitely not going to argue with anyone who loves their crema.  Crema can give the espresso body and definitely gives the espresso a beautiful color.  However, crema can also give the espresso bitterness.  I suppose it also depends on the sort of americano you are looking for.  Some prefer to have their americanos resemble a ten ounce mug of drip or french press coffee.  On the other hand there are those that prefer a cleaner, but softer, americano; the first skimmed americano I had resembled a fruit juice.  We have conducted different triangulations involving skimmed and unskimmed americanos.  Consistently we have found the cleaner americano to be the skim.  I recommend the skim, but as mentioned before, I won’t force a skim on anyone.  Furthermore, I do not recommend the procedure for any americano larger than eight ounces.  To anyone that has received a skimmed americano and didn’t ask for one, we apologize, and to anyone who didn’t enjoy the skim, we apologize.  But to those that loved the skim, boy isn’t that tasty?


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