A christmas blend

Well here it is, the christmas blend. Expect notes of candy canes and yuel logs, a distinct aroma of toasted chestnuts, and a long frosty finish. We have no christmas blend. However, we do have a new blend that will be filling our hopper at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning alongside the yirgacheffe espresso. This blend cupped really well. It cupped so well in fact that I gave much kudos to blends in general. Who knows what the blend future holds in store for us, but we’re still chuffed on our single origin espressos. Give us feedback eh?

In other news, yours truly and some brew mates are hosting a benefit alley cat bike race on December 19th around one p.m. starting at the southeast speakeasy (7th and taylor ish). The end of the race will be followed up by a beer tasting at the brewery. Join the fun!

In other news, we’re getting finnish pastries and they are the cats pajamas!

Also, it’s getting cold outside. Keep your eyes peeled for Heart holiday sweaters.

Finally, join me for ska and rocksteady night. Wednesday nights! Not officially…but I do play it.

Next Week.. Get to know team heart.


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