I haven’t blogged in a while, and so I thought I would blog.  We’ve been open for three months now, and I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about Lauren’s skiing career.  True story, she was a pro.  When I get some photos of her on the slopes doing 360’s I’ll post them.  Maybe until then I can post some pictures of Wille doing some 720’s off some mountain peaks in Alaska.  Speaking of 360s, I feel it’s important for everyone to know that we serve decaf from grinder with a mod.  This is how much we love our decaf, furthermore, this is how much we love the people that drink decaf.  We did it for you!  Try some decaf sumatra today!  Also, we have a new Brazilian coffee in, and it makes for some good espresso.  Try some Brazilian espresso today!

Wille and I made a bunch of hot cocoas for some sweet little kids the other day, you can watch the video on Tessy and Tabs website.  You should have seen the crazy stuff Wille was etching out with the thermometer!  My bumblebee blew everything out of the water though.  I even made a kid smile.  All in all we had an awesome time.

Join Ryan and me tomorrow for Metal Monday!  Judas Priest’s Painkiller like you’ve never heard it before!  Good.


Know new

Ryan and Mike return!  And it’s not just today, it’s tomorrow!

My very own espressos will be released into the world via 9 bars of pressure.  We’ll be serving the Guatemala Asobagri and the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe.   The coffees cupped out well, so let me know how they served you as espressos.

Let’s talk about roasting.  Our roasting dates and times  vary.  We try not to roast any time other than the early morning and night time (usually around closing time).  The roaster can be pretty loud, and we sincerely apologize for the audible disturbance.  Do understand that this loud noise is going to bring you some great coffee.

Other things to know about roasting:

Expect to hear two tone or rocksteady, it helps me think.

2010: a space odyssey

Happy new year!  We’re going to kick this year off with a new blend.  I didn’t think we’d be going with any blends at all, but as it turns out, this new blend is a gem.  A blend consisting of the Guatemala Villaure and the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, a blend that defies all odds.

2010 news:

The toast is dynamite.  We have three different loaves today.

New coffees on the way, so keep your eyes and ears open.

Sadly, it is Mike and Ryan’s last shift of the old schedule.  It is the end of an era.  Like Yul Brynner and Steve Mcqueen they triumphed the impossible, saved the Mexican village, and did so humbly.  However, in the end the two heroes had to accept the cold fact that their destinies waited in different places.

Next week:  The apprentice becomes master!  Stay tuned!