Say hello to my little friend. a scattered blog.

A skimmed iced americano.

We’re skimming iced americanos.  I never drank iced americanos because of the crema left afloat, these days are over.

In other news, I roasted the last bit of the ethiopia mordecofe, so git while the gittins good, as they used to say back in my hometown. If you happen to miss out on the last bit of the mordecofe as espresso, don’t fret because we got our new coffees!  25 bags of new coffee!  Be stoked because they are really great.  Of these new coffees you can expect to see a new sumatra.  I didn’t think it would happen either, but it worked out so well as espresso before we thought we’d give it another go.  What’s even more surprising is the arrival of a new Tanzanian peaberry.

We have some new employees and they are truly remarkable.  Come meet them.

What do you guys and girls think about us doing pour over?

More importantly, Valentines Day is on Sunday, and I’ll be opening. Come in and get a heart cookie that’s heart shaped.  I might even pour a heart in your latte.    Don’t get your hopes up though, I’ve really been getting into pouring bumble bees.


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