Cafe Velo

Better get yourselves down to some farmers markets or to 600 SW Pine St. to visit Cafe Velo.  For those that don’t know, Cafe Velo has been doing pour over and french press at various farmers markets around Portland.  They recently opened a cafe at 6th and Pine, and the space is glorious.  They serve delicious food as well.  They also serve our coffee!  If you find yourselves at the PSU farmers market on Saturday the 17th you should get a cup of our new Yirgacheffe or Kenya.  Be on the lookout for these new coffees in the cafe too.  The Kenya Mtaro Ruiru and the Colomiba Meta Lejanias are brand new.  We also have a newer Yirgacheffe we are serving.  The Kenya is a very clean coffee, loaded with sweetness, and an outstanding finish, meanwhile the Colombian microlot displays a perfectly balanced and transparent cup, which is action packed with sweetness and ripe fruit.  
7:30AM – 5:00PM M – F