Heart and Coffee Common

We are very excited to have our coffee be a part of the NYC Coffee Common event happening in Chelsea on January 19-22, at The Start-Up Store!

Coffee Common is a unique collaboration between top-notch baristas and roasters bringing the highest quality coffee to people during these special and innovative events. The idea is simple—if more people drink great coffee, prepared by passionate coffee professionals, we all win. We couldn’t be happier to be a part of this process. Coffee Common has made huge progress as ambassadors for great coffee during their first two TED events, with conferences held in California and London last year. They are taking it to the the next level this time around by going straight to the heart of New York City–Chelsea’s innovative “Start-Up Store.” The focus of the event will be hand brewed, by the cup coffee, prepared by some of the nation’s best baristas–on a variety of different brewing apparatus–all aimed at helping you create a better cup at home.

The cost is a bargain at five dollars, which covers entry, coffee tasting, and priceless knowledge on how to brew great coffee at home. We will be sending our Guatemala Puerta Verde to be brewed at the event, a coffee we feel privileged to bring to you again for the second year in a row. This year, the Puerta Verde is fantastic! Hard-candy sweetness with delicate stone fruit flavors and a finish that lingers on the palate.

We are also really excited about this coffee, because Hearts’ own Sarah Mykkanen happens to be in Guatemala at the farm this very moment checking out the plants, the mill, and breathing the air. We are very jealous, but can’t wait to hear back from her about the trip.

So, to all of our friends in NYC: go down to a great event and taste some delicious coffees! Tickets can be purchased in advance on the web site, and this is advisable, as they will be going fast.


-Jeremy Williamson


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