New Kenya Gichatha-ini is here!

Early summer brings good things to Portland: an end to the monsoon season and a chance to get some color, lots of bicycles, parades, festivals, delicious fresh produce, and fresh crop Kenyan coffees. While we love all of the coffees that we serve at Heart, there’s just a special place in our Hearts for a good Kenya, and this year, we are especially happy with the coffee we have received from Gichathaini Cooperative in Nyeri. The coffee is a combination of the SL-28, and SL-34 varietals, and the ripe cherries are picked, washed, and then fermented for 72 hours, quite long in processing terms. The fermented coffee is then placed on raised beds to dry in the sun. The meticulous processing leads to a clean and vibrant cup with a bright acidity and notes of apple, fresh berries, rhubarb, lemon tea, and cane sugar. The profile of the cup is so fruity and sweet that many have compared it to more of a fruit juice, or fruit infused herbal tea than coffee, and that’s alright with us. Come experience this unique and beautiful coffee while you can, buy it in a 12 ounce bag for home, or try a Chemex on the brew bar. -Jeremy Williamson

The Factory manager

Pulp tower at Gichatha-ini factory.


In line with sustainable and responsible farming principles the factory has adopted certification and

advocates for good agricultural practices among its farmers. The factory is Fairtrade certified

and is currently pursuing Utz Kapeh certification.

In order to conserve electricity clean water for pulping is sourced from river Ragati using channels.

Additionally coffee is sun dried on the numerous drying tables available.

For conservation water is re-circulated during processing and disposed responsibly in numerous

soak pits away from water sources. Pulp from the factory is collected by farmers for use as mulch

on their farms to improve the soil structure and organic matter content.


Daterra is here

Daterra Sweet Yellow is finally at Heart.  We have been waiting for this coffee for a while and we are excited about its’ arrival. This coffee will be available as single origin espresso and also it will be the main component for Stereo blend. Yes, Stereo is changing and it will be 73% Daterra and 27% Leka Wato Wollega.

Daterra Sweet Yellow is from a farm in Brazil, located in the Cerrado region (State of Minas Gerais) and in the Mogiana region (State of São Paulo). Daterra’s plantations are located at an average altitude of 3,800 ft (1,150 m) under a stable temperature of around 70ºF (25ºC), which constitutes the perfect environment for Arabica Coffee production. Furthermore, the dry season during the harvest makes this region unique for the best Arabica coffees.

Location: Barazil, Cerrado

Farm: Daterra

Altitude: 1150 m

Varietals: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Mondo Novo, Red/Yellow Icatu

Processing: Pulped Natural

Cupping notes: Sweet, creamy, nougat, green apple, and fresh butter

Daterra ships all their coffee in Vacuum sealed bags that are then packaged in boxes. This ensures that coffee will keep longer and transportation is much easier. A typical day in Portland in April, thank you Daterra for such great packaging!


Luis Alfredo Rojas

This coffee we have been anticipating for is finally here. Thanks to Alejandro Renjifo from Fairfiel Trading, we have this coffee at heart. Earlier in November 2010, we cupped 16 pre-shipment samples and Alfredos coffee was one of them. From the 16 different samples, this coffee stood out the most.  Flavors of pomegranate fruit, hard candy sweetness, and winey, with a clean green apple like acidity. Alfredo only produced 11x 150 lb bags and we got 10 of them. The one left in Colombia got blended in with some other lots so, we now can say that we are the only ones with this coffee. We are very proud and lucky at the same time. Come in and get this coffee on Siphon, Karslbad coffee machine, Chemex, Aeropress or Espresso. We will be roasting this coffee for espresso occasionally and it will be rotating with the other single origin espressos.

Farmer: Luis Alfredo Rojas

Location: Colombia, Municipality of Garzon, Huila

Altitude: 1450 m

Varietal: Colombia and Caturra

Harvesting: October 2010-January 2011

Processing: Wet process with traditional fermentation

Heart blog is back

Hi Everyone!

The blog has been neglected, but now that will all be changing.

You can come to the blog and see what we are up to,  what coffees we have, or what new coffees we are getting in. There will be coffee information, brew guides, reviews, and anything else coffee or heart related.

We just got in two new delicious coffees, Bolivia (Familia Miranda) and a Colombia (Alfredo Rojas) this coffee is heart exclusive.  More about these coffees soon, stay tuned.

By leaps…

We are growing by leaps and…Breakfast! So, I hear that Juniors on SE 12th has AMAZING french toast…I hear they make an unbeatable vegan breakfast too…I also heard that they just started serving HEART coffee!! I think its time to pay this little Southeast gem a visit again! (plus…they are just so darn sweet)

WOW…now I am really hungry.

Happy Birthday Heart !!

Guess what?


Didn’t seem like we have been around for a YEAR already but WE HAVE!

It’s our first birthday and we couldn’t have done it without YOU.


This FRIDAY Oct. 22, Heart will be giving away FREE ESPRESSO!! (as in double ristretto) ALL DAY LONG!

So mark your calendars and come and get it!!